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Citizen's Arrest Belt

in Natural

Don't let the next guy get away!

Don't let a lack of proper gear prevent you from making a citizen's arrest! The Citizen's Arrest Belt not only binds ruffians' wrists but holds your pants up too.

  • 10 oz (4 mm) US vegetable tanned cowhide
  • 1.25" (3 cm) wide
  • Individually hand forged iron buckle
  • Hand-stitched with strong waxed thread
  • Edged by hand with beeswax
  • Individually signed and numbered
  • Made in Texas
  • Lifetime guarantee

With its extra set of buckle holes the Citizen's Arrest Belt doubles as a wrist restraint in the event of the citizen's need to apprehend a suspect on the street.

Vegetable tanned leather is guaranteed to patina beautifully over time with exposure to the elements. Leather tanned in Pennsylvania. Cut and sewn in Texas. Buckle forged in Texas. Ships gift-wrapped with informational card. All of our belts are custom made to order.

Note that in order to simplify sizing, we use men's jean size instead of belt size.

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