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Devilish Wallet

in Deerskin No 5

The 5-pocket leather billfold.

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Cut from a single hunter harvested deerskin and lined with a section of antique Japanese plaid, the Deerskin No 5 collection consists of 7 Devilish Wallets and 5 Judas Pouches.

Each billfold is meticulously hand cut and then stitched by hand in Texas using traditional saddle making methods. The 5-pocket design holds credit cards and business cards and the bill opening is ample enough for all major currencies.

Each limited edition wallet is branded and hand numbered "of 7".

Hunter harvested in Indiana then bark tanned in Texas, the deerskin is replete with unique markings characteristic of the wild animal as well as the bark tanning process. It is guaranteed to patina beautifully with use.

The Japanese Meiji-period (late 19th - early 20th c.) textile is approximately 100 years old. Its beautiful palette of oranges, browns and greens compliment the natural tan of the deerskin, adding a subtle touch of autumn. Despite the age of the textile, it is as strong as its modern equivalent and this wallet is sturdy enough to be your every day carry.

Edged with beeswax. Wallet dimensions: 115 mm x 90 mm. (4.5 in x 3.5 in).

Indiana deerskin. Tanned, cut and sewn in Texas.

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