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Jenny Pouch
Jenny Pouch
Jenny Pouch
Jenny Pouch

Jenny Pouch

Mini Pouch for Treasured Baubles

Smaller, cuter cousin of the Judas Pouch.

  • Bark tanned deerskin - hunter harvested in North America
  • Lined with rare textiles
  • Hand cut and sewn with linen thread (no machines used)
  • Made to order by Barrett Alley in New York
  • 8cm x 8cm

USD $200

If you're looking something to hold cards and cash see the slightly larger Judas Pouch.

To order, contact Barrett Alley with shipping address


Barrett Alley Headshot

Hi, I'm Barrett Alley in New York. I make apparel and accessories like wallets and bracelets. The pieces you see here are all hand sewn from bark tanned deerskin and rare textiles. I create each piece to order using select materials from my personal collection. Contact me directly to place an order.

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I begin with a selection of bark tanned animal skins and fabric made from plant-based dyes and fibers. I then cut and sew each piece by hand using linen thread. The hand stitching method I use is the same durable stitch used by saddlemakers for centuries. The result is a beautiful piece of art fashioned entirely from renewable materials.

I've been making hand sewn leather accessories for a long time, but my first loves are movies, music and painting. You can follow my other projects at boly.ro.