The Judas Pouch is Back!

The Judas Pouch

Limited edition of 8 hand sewn bark tanned deerskin wallets. Single pouch carry-all style with deerskin strap and bone button closure. Lined with vintage hand woven indigo cotton textile. Finished with beeswax. Each wallet uniquely numbered of 8. Only 1 remaining!

Dimensions: approx. 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

Price: USD $250 + shipping.

Inquire below with shipping address.


An early 21-century tailored expression of the traditional leather jacket worn for thousands of years throughout the planet. Hunter-harvested bark tanned deerskin hand cut from original pattern. Completely hand stitched with linen thread (no machines used). Bone button placket. Hand carved wooden stick / bone ring toggle closure. Lined with hand loomed indigo cotton textile. Personal sigils hand painted in enamel (on leather) and in oil (on cotton). Private collection of the artist.

Commissioned pieces start at USD $25,000. Inquire below.

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